snack city

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Snack City worked with the local specificity of both food and network infrasructure in delhi at the time. it was presented on a cart at mediawala festival just after the supreme court decided to ban the cooking of food on the streets of the indian capital - snack city was a celebration of delhi street food.

open phone in

we wanted to have an open phone in to invite contributions - it was not practical to use a landline at the house we were working out of as we wanted to paste the number up all over the city. in collaboration with kaustubh srikanth we ran a proof of concept for an open phone in using a mobile phone with a prepaid sim, a hacked hands free, a 200 rs audio interface into a computer
streaming live over a domestic broadband connection. callers were connected straight through to an unmoderated live stream. kaustubh also wrote a
script for snipping up the calls into individual files as they came in to be remixed at other times during the live show, and this we made available online to collabrators remixing from other parts of the world. turn your phone into a microphone: this open channel needed a concommitent invitation - the other hack we wanted to experiment with was inviting participation via a familiar interface and making use of the network that many people already carry in their
pockets. the extention of the phone as an audio technology for this kind of radio required us to try and figure out how to induce a specific elbow movement in as many peole as possible who might have something to say in celebration of street food. what we wanted was for people to turn their phone into a microphone. This was the action we forgrounded in the sticker campaign in
hindi/english. call-ins and the remixes were streamed and fed back out to the cart with small fm linkers via a wireless network and a laptop so that radios were playing on our thela46 with live calls and other sounds during the physical performance at mediawala festival.


Snack City Workshop with Sophea Lerner & Kaustubh Srikanth

From digital snackfood as an interface to the city, to the participatory radio kitchen...workshop participants are invited to explore Delhi streetfood in the context of changes taking place across the city. Street snack surfing research and hands on DIY hybrid radio will be collectively cooked up into a performance radio cart as part of MWF and live_feed online broadcast with foodradio_network.
We exchange recipes and we share ingredients, exploring models of open content and accessible technologies. Our recipes are in a state of constant variation as we experiment with the ingredients and utensils at hand. What is interesting about radio as a live network between remote locations is the location and not merely the fact that it is remote. Here and there have different flavors. Food, like sound, enters the body and indexes it in place and time. Listen globally, eat locally.

Sophea Lerner & Kaustubh Srikanth create open platforms for low cost participatory radio. Community and creative networks are integral to their collaborative practice. Their work focuses on open cultures, open technology and sustainable practices.


Streetfood Radiothela

foodradio_network presents 'live_feed : Snack City' from MediaWalaFestival as the culmination of a two day workshop with local / international / remote participants exploring the taste, the smell, the sound and the culture and politics of streetfood. Radio foodies and remote snack surfers take to the streets amidst current debates about street sustinence and contested urban space… come and listen to the food on the street!

foodradio_network is an open and variable network of broadcasters and foodsters exploring the culture, politics and creativity of food as a medium and a metaphor for experiments in participatory and collaborative live radio. They regularly dish up aural appetisers on their show live_feed which plays on free103point9 online radio. live_feed @ MediaWalaFestival includes participants from Australia, India, Finland, America... and possibly also You!


live_feed: Snack City
was cooked up by the
with ingredients from:

Aastha Chauhan
Abishek Kulkarni
Andrew Burrell
Andrew Paterson
August Black
Eva Durall
Gaurav Chadha
Himanshu Khatri
James Andean
Kaustubh Srikanth
Kiran Subbaiah
Lisa Stockton
Lorna Cochrane
Priya Sen & practitioners from Cybermohalla Lab at LNJP colony
Sandra Mahlamäki
Shashank Yadav
Sophea Lerner
Sunil Abraham
Visa Kuoppala

Snack City was nourished by:

free103point9 Transmission Arts

Centre for Music & Technology, Sibelius Academy