• a celebration of street food following a high court decision to ban the cooking of food on the streets of delhi. an open phone in streaming live from across the city by mobile snackers and the public, remixed live across the globe along with other local snackscapes.

  • particle/wave hybrid radio workshop explores the interface between the creative traditions of terrestrial radio broadcasting and emerging practices of internet radiomaking. particle/wave rethinks community radio practices through distributed and participatory networks of sonic exchange, open content models and new radiomaking tools. particle/wave examines the dual nature of radio as wave and packet.. network and sound.. transmission and reception...

  • A Journey By Telephone explored the early history of the telephone which, like radio, was imagined as a possible technology for communicating with the dead, a call which never got through among other missed calls, confessions, journeys and dead ends.

  • Delhi Listening Group proposes listening as an alternative to the map and the plan as way of producing knowledge of the everyday city.