.00011574 Hz : Radio Action III

3:31 AM a 24-hour time lapse recording
1:01 PM translocal roofscape: sample rate = 2 per hour
3:33 AM where: UTC -4hrs
1:03 PM where: UTC +5:30hrs
3:33 AM where: the roof of 4-story brownstone building in clinton hill, brooklyn,
new york, with condominiums rising up on two sides
1:04 PM where: 2nd story barsarti in defense colony, south delhi
3:37 AM how: large-diaphragm condenser mic, suspended within a zeppelin,
fixed with gaffer tape to a chimney, long xlr cable snaking in through an open
window, plugged into
1:08 PM how: handmade mixing bowl mic lodged outside window and plugged
into a small computer
3:38 AM how: cd recorder, manually activated, every 30 minutes
1:08 PM how: set to capture a few seconds every 30 minutes for 24 hours.
1:09 PM why: to explore ideas about actual and imagined simultaneity in
transmission networks and the translocal networked exchange between two very
different cities and the respective soundtracks of their changing skylines
1:10 PM same time different place...different time

free103point9 Dispatch series CD