ääniradio has taken an experimental approach to public broadcasting. we have used special event fm licenses in helsinki, and low budget netradio, mini fm, podcasting and anything we can get our hands on to explore new ways of making radio. as well as public radio participation and performance we showcase a range of creative radio from around the world. each broadcast has taken a different approach, this is bleeding-edge radio experimentation in the public sphere. forget what you know about radio. join in the experiment.

open audio content

ääniradio is all about experimental sound, we only play open content programmes, this means everything we broadcast will be licensed for free broadcast under creative commons, copyleft, or other open content licenses.

ääniradio 2.x

following the broadcast in april ääniradio continues in sporadic nomadic mode from june 7th 2005 when we present in a 'clear spot' on resonance fm followed each month by further experiments initiated by particle/wave participants and other members of the hybridradio network...

ääniradio 2.0

the second ääniradio broadcast ran in april 2005 in conjuction with particle / wave hybrid radio workshop at pixelache2005 festival. particle / wave was attended by over 20 radio artists from all over the world presenting a huge diversity of radio practices. ääniradio was the playground for the workshop and hosted a range of live broadcasts including a collaborative cooking show, sponteineous open studio collaborations, live participatory shows including streetradio and userradio as well as several live concerts and a host of open content creative audio and original radio art contributed or curated by particle/wave participants.

ääniradio 1.0

during august 2004, alongside isea2004 wireless experience in helsinki, sophea lerner from media and sonic arts open studio at centre for music & technology launched the first ääniradio test broadcast to accomodate radio projects at isea. these included the networked sonic feast where_are_we_eating?, including the helsinki dinner node grilliradio, and radioqualia's acoustic space exploration project radio astronomy.

we also invited people to contribute open content material and worked with creative radio software from artists adam hyde and august black to impliment a participatory distributed production platform that allowed us to work from anywhere we could get a net connection... including a stream from a ferry on the baltic.

featured programmes on ääniradio 1.0 also included live performances from local musicians organised by tomi keranen, collections of radio art curated by elisabeth zimmerman, robyn ravlich, robin fox and petri kuljantausta