The Glass Bell, installation

Interactive Water Installation premiered at next wave festival 2002

Let your hands dance across the wet, flickering surface to immerse yourself in sounds, textures and stories from the far north...
Shot on location in the north of Finland where the Sophea Lerner's grandmother grew up & based on some of the stories which resonate through the lives of three generations of women in her family, The Glass Bell is a fictional poetic construct, an underwater archeology, which explores the role of stories as placeholders for the unutterable, for what falls between languages and places when we leave.

The project is the result of a four year collaboration between sound & new media artist Sophea Lerner and code artist/programmer Ryan Sabir who have developed a gesture driven audio interface that changes what you hear, depending on how you move your hands over the huge water covered touch screen they have developed with innovative designer Kieran Larkin, and a purpose built video analysis system by Marco Bresciani. Audio for the installation was developed during a residency with The Listening Room in 1998